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Wednesday, 30 March 2016 21:12


2016-03-30 // 21:26:07


We are excited to be a featured Pick of Apparel Design House.

Apparel Design House guides entrepreneurs to start clothing lines and launch their fashion businesses. Chief Designer Jessica Anderson a FIDM San Francisco graduate, uses her fifteen year experience designing at Liz Claiborne, Victoria’s Secret and Jones Apparel Group to technically design and manage production of new clothing lines.

In today’s hyper competitive fashion world, Apparel Design House ensures designer clients sell product and receive exposure. With marketing professor Travis Smith, clients create Brands, online stores, and social media followings that drive visitors to stores for sales.

In addition, their media site Miami Fashion Network included us in their top Miami fashion designers section. This stamp of approval from the Miami fashion industry indicates the quality design of Fratt Nation. 


Wednesday, 30 March 2016 18:55

After a lengthy hiatus, new management and an all new design team, Fratt Nation has returned to the streets. Fratt Nation Clothing is not your ordinary apparel line, it is Life! Our brand demands respect by all means. It’s a demeanor, not everyone can relate to. We speak life through fashion. Our newest collection,  ”Less is better” debuts today, 03/25/2016. Spring features a small sample release of what is yet to come for the following seasons. Get in on an fashion organization like no other; we don’t care to fit in, we stand out regardless. Spread the word and tell all of your friends on campus that FRATT IS BACK!

Thursday, 07 August 2014 13:17


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